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The Guelph Humane Society helps over 1000 wild animals within Guelph and Wellington County every year. In fact, in 2020, over 1500 injured, sick and/or orphaned wild animals came through our shelter doors in need of help. Upon arrival at GHS, trained GHS staff members assess the animal (when necessary with advice from a licensed wildlife rehabilitator) to evaluate their condition and determine if the animal is a candidate for rehabilitation. If so, volunteer drivers then make the long commute to transport wildlife to licensed wildlife rehabilitators where they can receive the extra care they need.

Eva is one of our amazing Wildlife Drivers who has been volunteering with GHS since September 2019. We can always count on Eva to drive injured and orphaned wildlife to one of our many licensed wildlife rehabilitators, whether it be chipmunks, rabbits, robins, or owls! In fact, Eva has logged over 140 hours as a wildlife driver, including an extra special trip with a squirrel just last month on Christmas Day.

Being a Wildlife Driver volunteer involves a lot of flexibility in order to get injured/orphaned wildlife off to a rehabilitator as soon as possible once they arrive in our care. But thanks to dedicated volunteers like Eva, we are able to send injured and orphaned wildlife off on their calm, stress-free ride to a licensed wildlife rehabilitator where they can receive the extra care they need within 24 hours, even if it’s Christmas.

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