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Supporter Spotlight

Volunteer Theresa with her foster cat, Wes


With COVID-19 cases on the rise and a new set of restrictions, we once again are relying heavily on our team of 150 foster volunteers to give the animals in our care extra love, attention, and a relaxing place to stretch their legs while our facility remains closed for animal viewing.

Theresa is one of our many amazing foster volunteers and has been on our team of volunteers since 2017. Theresa first began volunteering with us here at the Guelph Humane Society as a Canine Companion, coming in each week to walk and socialize the dogs in our care. Shortly after, Theresa signed on to foster and has since become our kitten whisperer! Theresa and her husband have welcomed over 60 cats and kittens into their care over the past 4 years!

Theresa has taken on the role of “mom” for so many kittens, raising them from just a couple weeks old until they are old enough to go off to their “furever” homes. It can be incredibly difficult to say goodbye to an animal you have loved and cared for for months, but as Theresa says, “There will be more. It is not my job to keep them. When people say, ‘I could never foster because it would be too hard to bring them back,’ they are partly right – it is hard, but not a reason to not foster.” Theresa’s dedication to every single cat that has come into her care is something that we here at GHS are in admiration of and so incredibly thankful for every day.

Being a foster volunteer is an extremely rewarding experience but can sometimes involve nights of little sleep and days of demanding animals looking for play or food, especially when you have kittens who need to be bottle-feed throughout the night! Thanks to dedicated volunteers like Theresa, we are able to provide a warm, loving, temporary home where our animals can thrive and develop into loving pets that would be a wonderful addition to any family!


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