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Together we make a difference. Volunteer.

The work of our dedicated volunteers contributes to our goals in making every day special for the deserving pets who are waiting to find loving homes and so much more!  Join the hundreds of people just like you who dedicate their time and efforts to helping animals in need.

Who Can Volunteer? background

Who Can Volunteer?

From high school students to senior citizens, Guelph Humane Society welcomes community members who are dependable and have a sincere desire to share their time.

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • High School Students
  • One Day Groups
  • Corporate Team Day
Steps to Become a Guelph Humane Society Volunteer background

Steps to Become a Guelph Humane Society Volunteer

We are currently not recruiting volunteers at this time. Due to the overwhelming number of current applications, we are at capacity for new volunteers. We are grateful for your interest, please check back later for available opportunities!


Application Process
Volunteer Login and Help background

Volunteer Login and Help

Current Guelph Humane Society Volunteers can login to update their information, sign up for new opportunities and log volunteer hours.

Login to Volunteer Portal
Volunteer FAQ background

Volunteer FAQ

How often do you train and bring on new volunteers?

This all depends on what area you are interested in and when the application is received to what part of the screening process the volunteer program is in. There are two steps to our screening process that needs to be completed before a volunteer is accepted. From there the volunteer must attend an orientation and training session before they may start their time here.

When do Volunteer Orientation Sessions take place?

Volunteer Orientations are by invitation only.

Do I need previous experience working with animals to volunteer at Guelph Humane Society?

Previous experience is not necessary to volunteering at Guelph Humane Society. When most people think of volunteering at an animal shelter, they often think of what it is like to spend time with their own animals, or animals that belong to friends and family members. In looking at shelter animals, it is important to remember that shelter animals do not yet have the bond with their human family that animals in the community have. All volunteers working with animals will experience substantial on-the-job training by knowledgeable staff members and experienced volunteers. Our training is focused on animal body language, specific animal handling skills and stress reduction techniques.

I need a reference letter. Can the Guelph Humane Society provide me with one?

Yes, if you’ve completed the minimum volunteer time commitment. However, we can’t guarantee reference letters for volunteers who have stopped volunteering more than 1 year prior to the request.

If you anticipate requiring a reference letter, we recommend that you ask for a reference letter at the time of your departure in case your supervisor is not available to write you a personal reference in the future.

Can I change volunteer positions?

If you have completed your minimum time commitment in one volunteer position and would like to try something new, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@guelphhumane.ca or call 519-824-3091

How do I change my scheduled hours?

If you need to change your weekly scheduled time please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@guelphhumane.ca or call 519-824-3091

How do I cancel a shift?

At the Guelph Humane Society, it isn’t only the staff that depend on you, it’s the animals! For this reason, we ask that you try hard not to miss a scheduled shift, but we also understand that some things can’t be helped. Below is the process to let us know when those moments in life can’t be helped.

Sudden Absences – You know less than 1 week in advance

How to Give Notice

Call the front desk and leave a message. We will not call you back, but we will record this information and your absence will be excused.

Call and email the Volunteer Coordinator.

Upcoming Absences – You know 1 week or more in advance

How to Give Notice

Email a “Volunteer Absence Notice” to the Volunteer Coordinator who will review your notice and discuss it with you as needed.

Long-term or Permanent Schedule Changes

How to Give Notice

Contact the Volunteer Coordinator via email volunteer@guelphhumane.ca about going on leave of absence, changing shifts, or resigning.

If at all possible, please try for one month notice.

Unexplained or Reoccurring absences 

The animals at the Guelph Humane Society rely on the staff and volunteers to take care of them. Volunteers that are consistently absent for their shifts for unexplained reasons are not fulfilling their commitment to the Guelph Humane Society. We understand that sometimes there are emergencies and shifts will be missed. The Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with you to discuss your absences and how to move forward with future volunteer shifts.

Contact Us

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further information about our Volunteer Program