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Happy Tails

We love hearing from our adopters and how each animal is doing in their new home! Here are some Happy Tails that have been shared with us from previous adopters of the Guelph Humane Society.

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I adopted Serenity in June. She is now 5 months old and is doing so well. She is walking on a leash and harness and has been since I got her when she was 2 months old. She loves to play with her toys by herself and with me. She likes people when I bring her to the pet store and vet she loves saying...Read More hi to people. She loves her stroller very much.

Goose (formerly Crinkle)

Hi GHS! I thought I’d give you a little update of Goose (formerly Crinkle) who was adopted in February. She is the best buddy anyone could ask for! She adores her moms and her sister, Juniper (another GHS alum). She’s friendly with everyone she meets and has turned many of our friends into cat ...Read Morepeople. She spends most of her time playing with her sister and “helping” her moms with whatever we’re doing like a little shadow. She’s great in the car and really enjoys visiting her grandparents’ cottage. Her purple monster toy from foster care is still a favourite which she brings all around the house with her. Goosie has been diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) which is being managed with low dose steroids, prescription diet, and probiotics. She will require special care for the rest of her life but her vets feel that as long as she continues to respond to treatment, she can have a good quality of life and normal lifespan.


We adopted Libby (previously Ariel) almost 3 years ago and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing she. She fit in so well with our other furbabies, Parker (cat) and Paxton (110 lbs dog) was like she was meant for us. She is a quiet 9 year old Tortie/Ragdoll who loves to snuggle right up to you...Read More. When it’s bedtime she needs to lay between myself and my husband on the bed as if to make sure we fall asleep before heading to her favourite chair or couch for the night. She is just so incredible and I’m glad we happen to be at Ren’s while she was there. It’s like she was to be there


We adopted Snickers from the Guelph Humane Society around this time one year ago and now we can't imagine life without her! When we first adopted her we was fairly shy; however, over the past year, she has really come out of her shell and is much more social and affectionate. Her latest interest has...Read More been going outside with us on our patio (on a leash of course) and watching the birds fly by. Exploring a new environment in the warmer weather with her has also been exciting for us because it really shows how comfortable she is in our care and reminds us of the trust we have built with her over time. We are excited for many more memories that we will create with Snickers and are so glad she found her forever home with us.

Bubbles (previously Slinky)

I adopted Bubbles in January after he was hit by a car. He instantly became comfortable in his new home and loves when the house is busy with lots of guests and loud music. He is truly the life of the party. Bubbles' favourite activity is going on leashed walks when the sun is out, although he is no...Read Moret a fan of other cats or dogs.


Molly was adopted 3 years ago and continues to be awesome! She is a joy to have around and is easily the happiest and friendliest dog on the planet. Her tail never stops wagging, she is excited to meet everyone (even the vet!) and pulls hard on the leash to try and say hello to all of the people tha...Read Moret we go past on our walks. And when we aren't out exploring the neighbourhood she does what dogs do best....lay around and do nothing! Looking forward to enjoying her company for many years to come!

Eddie, Sasha, Darcy, Vern

We have FOUR happy tails around here that we wanted to share, starting with Eddie (the cat with the white fluffy tummy) who we adopted back in April of 2003 - yes, you read that right: we've been lucky enough to have Eddie living with us for almost 20 years! Sisters Sasha (the torti) and Darcy (the ...Read Morehouse panther) are, to us, the new kitties - they've only lived with us about 6 years :-) Vern (the beagle) is our most recent addition and he came to us about 4 years ago. Our little furry family has been through a lot in the last year or so, with all of our animals dealing with significant and chronic health issues, but everyone is hanging in and adventuring as we and they can.

Kingo (now Percy)

I adopted Kingo, now named Percy, last May. Despite all that he had been through in being abandoned in his carrier in the wet ditch, he is a super friendly and trusting cat. He healed from his injuries and adjusted really quickly: soon showed his very playful and energetic personality. He loves to c...Read Moreuddle close in the mornings and evenings, and is always up for a game of fetch. I'm very grateful to the person who rescued him, and for the Humane Society for bringing us together. _____ NOTE: I have more pictures, I just could only attach one. I can send more if needed. Thanks!


I adopted blazer 10 years ago. He is now the official dog of hilton hotels. I bring him to work to hilton meadowvale each day and he is our lobby ambassador. He is famous on our Instagram page and all the guests know him and live him. He has been the lobby ambassador for about 7 years now. He goes t...Read Moreo events at big hilton meetings and has his own booth. He gets more good comments than all the other employees. He has his own bed and bowl and house in the lobby. He works from7 to 3 each day and guests are always so excited to see him


Bruce (AKA: "Brucey-Bear", "Brucey-Baby") is an 11 years-young Shih-Poo with cataracts and 3 teeth! Bruce was a Foster to Adopt with his dental-pending. Bruce came into my world April 1, 2021, and this was no "April Fool's" joke! Bruce is a Senior pup who was seen as shy, timid, and even stand-offis...Read Moreh. This is the complete opposite of what I got! For me and Bruce, it was love at first sight and smell. Bruce is the happiest, most loving, the sweetest, and cheekiest pup I have ever met. Bruce loves to snuggle and run and play with his cat sister Raven; loves to go for walks; and loves the attention from other dogs and people at the dog park! Me and Bruce discovered that Bruce LOVES car rides! Bruce loves to catch the breeze out of the car window. Sometimes we even like to play tug-of-war with an old sock, despite Bruce only having 3 teeth! Bruce also loves the Autumn season and loves to run around in the pile of leaves. Bruce will let me know when he wants a "treat" by doing his "twirls"! Bruce puts a smile on my face, 24/7. I am incredibly lucky and forever grateful to have adopted the sweetest baby-old-man. Thank you to the Guelph Humane Society for giving me and Bruce the best gift ever--each other!

Brunwick (Tequila), Eugene (Star), Ziggy (Blueberry)

Just wanted to let you know that the budgies I have adopted are doing amazing!! :) (Brunswick - now known as *Tequila*) (Eugene & Ziggy - now known as *Star and Blueberry*) They are all really happy birds and happy to have each others company. They are all good with my...Read More dogs as well. Tequila was on my hand the first few hours I had him and is very good at listening and flying back and fourth to his cage. Star and Blueberry are still learning to open up more and following Tequila to learn. They are getting more comfortable daily which is amazing, sitting on top of their cage etc.

Cody, now Vinny

“Just thought I’d update you that “Cody” (we’ve renamed him Vinny) is doing so great! He is the perfect addition to our family. He’s bonded almost instantly with our cat Olive, and our 7 year old son. Two of the main reasons we wanted to adopt another cat :)”