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The GHS is committed to proactively meeting the needs of persons with disability. The purpose of the Accessibility Policy is to remove barriers to accessing and participating in GHS’ services, including its website, while allowing persons with disability to maintain dignity and independence. GHS understands that disabilities and accessibility barriers come in many different forms and degrees; GHS will not prejudge a person’s ability or capacity.

The GHS’s strives to fully integrate persons with disability into the organization by providing equal opportunities for participation and advancement.

GHS will always look towards the best practices for removing barriers to accessibility. GHS is compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, its regulations, and standards. GHS will quickly react to correct any deficiencies.

Guelph Humane Society’s responsibilities towards persons with disability

  • GHS will ensure compliance with all applicable laws respecting persons with disability.
  • GHS understands that disabilities come in many forms and degrees. GHS will not assume what a person can or cannot do, or whether they require accommodation. GHS staff will politely ask how they can accommodate a person with disability.
  • GHS will foster a culture that treats persons with disability with respect and dignity.
  • GHS will foster open and constructive communication regarding accessibility within the GHS community, including its website.

Employee hiring and training

  • GHS will accommodate employees with disabilities.
  • GHS will not discriminate against a current or prospective employee’s disabilities.
  • GHS will train staff to effectively communicate and interact with people with different types of disability.
  • GHS will train staff on how to accommodate different disabilities in participating in GHS’s services and programs.
  • GHS will ensure its hiring practices accommodate persons with disability; GHS will ask prospective employees how their disability can be accommodated during the interview process.
  • GHS will ensure that all staff are informed of the Accessibility Policy and the available supports to employees with disability.

GHS programming, material, and events

  • GHS will consider how to make events and programming more accessible to persons with disability and ask invitees how they can be accommodated.
  • When possible, GHS will make documents and signage easier to read by using a large sized font. If any person has difficulty reading GHS material, GHS will provide alternative options.
  • GHS will provide, on request, information in an accessible format to persons with disability, in a manner that takes their disability into account.
  • GHS will proactively investigate ways to accommodate persons with disability and increase accessibility across the organization.
  • GHS will try to hold events in physically accessible venues, with consideration towards mobility, lighting, washrooms, signage, and transportation.
  • GHS will encourage feedback from the public on how programming, content, material (written and digital), and events can be more accessible.

GHS Services

  • GHS will make every reasonable effort to ensure that all members of the GHS community receive the same substantive level of service.

GHS Facilities

  • GHS will incorporate accessibility criteria into their procurement process, with the aim of acquiring goods and services that facilitate accessibility.
  • GHS will quickly respond to concerns about broken equipment designed to facilitate accessibility.

Improving the Accessibility Policy

  • GHS will respond to inquiries or suggestions on how to improve the Accessibility Policy in a timely manner.
  • GHS will proactively identify and correct gaps in GHS’s accessibility.
  • GHS will review its Accessibility Policy annually, to ensure the policy is up-to-date and meeting the needs of persons with disability.
  • GHS may solicit feedback on how well the organization is serving persons with disability.


There are circumstances that can make it impracticable to present content, material, programming or events in an accessible format. In these cases, the GHS will use best efforts to provide the GHS community with an accessible alternative. Should you need assistance in obtaining an accessible alternative for non-accessible content, material, programming or events, contact GHS directly.

If you have any questions about this Accessibility Policy, please contact 519-824-3091 or email ED@guelphhumane.ca.

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