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Working Cat Program background

Working Cat Program

Why adopt a working cat?

Sometimes, the cats that come into our care aren’t suitable for a household environment. The reasons may include poor litter box habits, feral cats, cats that are fearful of humans, or other situations determined by our feline care staff that would make these cats best suited for an alternative home. Although these cats won’t be in the household, they will make a wonderful addition to your family and offer many benefits such as rodent control and keeping wandering cats away. Of course, the best benefit of all is offering a home to a cat in need!

These cats come spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. There is no adoption fee for the working cats, however we do accept donations to help towards the care given to our feline friends. We are always looking for interested individuals with a warm environment for our suited working cats.

For more information, please contact adoptions@guelphhumane.ca