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Fostering is a great way to help the animals in our community! background

Fostering is a great way to help the animals in our community!

The Guelph Humane Society relies on the dedication of our Foster Volunteers to care for animals that may be injured, stressed or otherwise vulnerable. The goal of our foster program is to provide as many animals as possible with a second chance for a bright and healthy future. Foster Volunteers provide temporary care for animals in their homes until they are ready to be adopted. Foster Volunteers help us provide every opportunity for an animal to thrive.


GHS is currently in need of Foster Volunteers for the following categories:

  • Kittens requiring bottle-feeding – When kittens come into our shelter under four-weeks-old, without a mother, they require a human to provide what a mother cat would provide. This includes feeding every three hours until the kittens are four-weeks-old and ready to eat and use the litter box on their own.
  • Dogs requiring behavior modification – Some dogs entering our shelter have been previously misunderstood or had a lack of proper guidance in a positive, motivating manner. Fosters willing to care for these dogs must have experience with dogs and a keen interest in behavior modification and training using touch-free, positive methods.
  • Rabbits – GHS spays or neuters all rabbits before adoption. This requires every bunny to have a safe, stress-free foster home to settle into before and after surgery to ensure a quick and easy recovery.


Other foster opportunities include:

  • Timid or stressed adult cats that require socialization or simply a quiet place to unwind.
  • Kittens over four-weeks-old, who are eating and using the litter box on their own.
  • Cats and kittens requiring medical care in the form of pills, eye drops, etc.
  • Active dogs that require a high-energy foster home where they can run and romp around.
  • Senior or small dogs that are awaiting medical care or are too overwhelmed in the shelter.
  • Puppies who are too young for spay/neuter surgery.


The Guelph Humane Society will provide all the necessary supplies and training for the animals that will be in foster care. Each opportunity will have a varied time commitment, which can be further discussed with our Animal Program Coordinator.

How To Get Involved? background

How To Get Involved?

Foster Volunteers must be over 18-years-old and must ensure all cats and dogs in the home are fixed and up-to-date on vaccinations before bringing a foster animal home.

GHS provides all the supplies you will need to care for your foster animal.

The amount of time you will have a foster animal will vary depending on the animal’s age, health and adoption interest. In general, the time commitment can range from weeks to months.

To fill out the Foster Application, click the following link:

  I want to become a foster! 

After submitting the Foster Application, the Animal Program Coordinator will connect with you about the next steps, which can include a phone call and/or foster meeting before you get to take an animal home!

Please note that the Foster Program is not ideal for every volunteer. We will match the home environment with the animal’s needs to give the best opportunity to the animal.

If you have further questions about fostering, feel free to reach out to the Animal Program Coordinator: foster@guelphhumane.ca.