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Happy Tails Begin Here


About "Happy Tails Begin Here"

The Guelph Humane Society’s new Happy Tails Begin Here – Kennel Adoption Program is a unique opportunity to provide on-going, reliable support to vulnerable animals in our community and donate in a way that is personal and meaningful to you.

Inside our new facility we have 90 cages and kennels available for “adoption.” The dog kennels have outdoor access, and the cat cages have viewing domes and are portalized – allowing cats to move between multiple cages! Plus, both small animals and farm animals now have larger, dedicated spaces.

Think about it this way: these cages and kennels provide hundreds of animals each year with a “home” before their adoption. It’s a warm, safe environment, equipped with toys for enrichment and food and treats to keep their bellies full. By adopting a cage or kennel you will be giving animals hope that their Happy Tails are about to begin.

You can “adopt” one of these kennels or cages in a public (or non-public) space in the building, be recognized with
a customized plaque on that location – and you can even come and visit it!

Check Out These Videos About the Program background

Check Out These Videos About the Program


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Pricing and Key Details background

Pricing and Key Details

Adoption of a cage or kennel is for a 1-year term. Price points of the adoption depend on the kennel type, and visibility to the public (whether it’s in a public or non-public area).

GHS is also offering “co-adoption” opportunities, so you can co-adopt with a friend or family member – or GHS staff can match you up with someone else also looking to co-adopt a kennel at the same level.

A monthly payment plan is also available as part of this program.

Kennel Type Adoption Area (Public) Animal Care Area (Not Public)
Dog Kennel $1500 ($750 Co-adoption) $750 ($375 Co-adoption)
Cat Cage $750 ($375 Co-adoption) $500 ($250 Co-adoption)
Small Animal Caging $500 ($250 Co-adoption) $300 ($150  Co-adoption)
Farm Animal Space N/A $500 ($250 Co-adoption)


Interested in adopting a kennel? Have questions? Email Give@guelphhumane.ca.

Private tours can also be booked to view different adoption opportunities, and to tour the new GHS facility! Want to see the kennel and cage options in person before selecting to adopt? Email Give@guelphhumane.ca to book a private tour.

Recognition Plaques background

Recognition Plaques

Whether you’re looking to do something special in honour of, or in memory of, a loved one – or you’re part of a business or group of employees who want to show their support for our community – this program could be for you. The GHS team will work with you on customizing a plaque for the kennel or cage you adopt, to acknowledge your support.

The plaque will remain on the kennel for the one-year adoption period, and the average plaque includes 10-20 words. Some examples of previous plaque messages include:

  • In Loving Memory of Shakes (2002-2020) GHS saved her and we had 16 sublime years together. We will miss our little popcorn thief endlessly.
  • Sleep tight little buddy, you’ll be home soon, The M Clump
  • Live long and prospurrr – Alex and Cheryl
  • Honouring “Mr. Bigs” and “Tabitha”
  • Our favourite breed is rescue! Your friends at Gambit Safety
  • Ask the animals, and they will teach you. Job 12:7
Testimonials From Kennel Adopters background

Testimonials From Kennel Adopters

Katie MacDonald & Stephen Matusiak

We are happy to support the Guelph Humane Society’s new home, which allows for animal care beyond typical companion animals. Farm animal welfare not only comprises much of my research, but we’ve also had the wonderful opportunity to share our home with chickens. Dot, Lily, Rhonda, and Gertrude were incredible creatures, each with their own personality.  We are so thrilled to have the opportunity to adopt a farm animal kennel at the GHS so that any animal can rest easy until they find their forever home.

(Image: some of Katie & Stephen’s chickens)

Alex and Cheryl Richman

We chose to adopt a cat cage at GHS as our way to contribute to the well-being of pets. While we’ve been fortunate to adopt 5 cats over the years who did not need the services of GHS we understand that many cats do.  Our cats have brought us much happiness and joy over the years and we know that GHS cats can do the same for others.  The dedication and hard work of the GHS staff, plus the amazing new facility will ensure that all rescued animals will find a safe and happy home.  We are proud to be part of the GHS family.


Debbie Scott

We adopted a cat cage at GHS in my husband Barry’s memory because he loved animals.  Our home became an extension of that through our fostering of many cats.  I can hear him now saying “Good job Deb”.  The Cage adoption program also offers a way for people who can’t have cats in their own homes to help keep cats safe and loved.

(Image: Barry Scott)

Frances Epp

We have been part of the Happy Tails Begin Here – Kennel Adoption Program for several years now.  We strongly support the need for advocates for our animal population.  We love the work that the Guelph Humane Society does, and the respect and love they show to every single animal that crosses their doors.  One of the reasons we decided to adopt a dog kennel was the option for a personalized plaque.  We chose Ask the animals, and they will teach you. Job 12:7. We have so much to learn from our furry creatures: unconditional love, devotion, faithfulness, and just plain fun!  And thanks, Humane Society, that we can come visit our cage anytime we want!

(Image: Samson, one of Frances Epp’s dogs)

Shannon Kornelsen

I decided to adopt a cage in memory of Shakes as a way to keep her specialness alive. I perfectly recall the day I walked into the GHS cat room, back in 2003, and saw this elegant creature studying me with wide, emerald eyes from one of the cages.  I instantly knew she was “my cat”, and even said it out loud. I like to think she instantly knew I was her human. Shakes and I shared our lives together until she passed away in 2020. Afterwards, I didn’t know what to do with all the love I still had pouring out of me for her, but with her no longer there to receive it. I spent months thinking about how to not only keep her memory alive, but her legacy. All the love, affection, companionship and quirkiness that Shakes gave me, and that Shakes drew from me – I wanted to find a way to thank her for it every day. When I learned I could adopt a cat cage at GHS, my heart leapt at the opportunity. Now, all my feelings of missing Shakes are accompanied by a sense of peace that she is still ‘here’ in the world in this small way. I take great comfort in imagining all the cats that Shakes’ photo keeps watch over. Cats waiting patiently for the day that a person walks in and instantly says, “That is my cat”. 

(Image: Shakes)