Meet Rosie Stardust & Roxy Frappucino!

With names like that, you KNOW these guinea pigs will be incredible! Roxy has the rockstar long hair, and Rosie the adorable little face & ears.

These bonded best friends are some very social piggies! They really seem to like attention, and will wheek (the adorable little squeaky sounds they make) happily when they see someone they know. Rosie & Roxy also really LOVE their leafy greens – they live up to their piggy names when they see some coming their way! After a good meal they can be found snuggled up together, enjoying a little nap.

These two silly sisters don’t seem to mind the company of respectful children and would make a great addition as a family pet!

Come to 500 Wellington St.W. to meet the irreplaceable
Rosie Stardust & Roxy Frappucino or contact us at 519-824-3091 for more information. You can also visit theirs and other adorable profiles online at!

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