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GHS Online Swag Shop

GHS Swag is now available!

Check out our online swag shop here: https://www.thecommunityfundraiser.com/ghs


High-quality, 3-ply, reusable face masks:

Look stylish, while keeping safe during COVID.


Let your personality shine through while showing others you care.

Wearing a mask in public shows others you respect them.

Our non-medical, high-quality, 3-ply reusable masks are effective, comfortable and stylish.




They are ideal for repeated use and washings. Washing instructions:

• Carefully remove your mask (avoid touching the front) and place into a mesh washing bag (to protect straps from getting laundry tangled) before washing.
• Put mesh bag into washer with other laundry using regular laundry soap or detergent and hot water to wash.  WASH YOUR HANDS.
• Place into dryer on warm setting to gently dry mask for next use, or allow to air dry.
• Masks should be washed after each use.

Buy your GHS face mask now!

“I heart animals” t-shirt:

Show you care when wearing this bright blue t-shirt!

Buy your GHS t-shirt now!


GHS 2021 Calendars – COMING SOON!

Adorable animals all year long!


Thank you for supporting the most vulnerable animals in the community!