GUELPH, ON (May 16, 2022) – Imagine celebrating your special day, and helping the lives of vulnerable animals in return. That’s what Chris and Melissa Hill have done.

Chris and Melissa are newlyweds. They were married in a small service on May 4th, followed by a reception on May 7th. In between those two dates, they swung by the Guelph Humane Society (GHS) to check out the cat cage they adopted as a celebration of their lives together.

“Melissa and I had been discussing wedding gifts and we realized we’re fortunate enough to have everything we need,” Chris says. “I thought it might be nice to do something different as my gift to her that celebrates our marriage, and supports a wonderful organization that we both care about. She loved the idea.”

Kingo comfortable in the cage that Chris and Melissa adopted.

Chris and Melissa adopted a cat together from a local rescue together almost six years ago. They named him Fezzik, after the character from The Princess Bride – a movie they both love.

“He completed our family and made Melissa a proud first-time cat mom,” Chris says of Fezzik. “I work from home, so he’s my work buddy – I can complain to him if I’m having a bad day, and he occasionally listens. For Melissa, he waits at the door every day when he hears her car and greets her with a loud but friendly meow to remind her she was missed. He’s just perfect for us.”

While they only have room for one cat at home, Chris and Melissa believe that adopting a cage is a way they can help give another animal a safe place to stay until they find their own Happy Tail.

“If we’re able to help even one animal find their forever home by helping to support GHS and adopt a cage, we’d be so thrilled,” Melissa adds. “Maybe someone will see our plaque and be inspired to adopt whoever is inside and complete their family.”

Their plaque, which sits over one of the cages in the Cat Adoption Room, reads: Fezzik chose us to adopt him and he completed our family. The Hill family hopes that whoever is in this cage can help you complete yours.

The Hills say they’ve already discussed forgoing traditional anniversary gifts in the future and making renewing their cage adoption their annual gift to each other.

Please join GHS in congratulating the newlyweds, Chris and Melissa. The GHS family wishes them a lifetime of happiness, along with sweet Fezzik.

For more information on the Guelph Humane Society’s Happy Tails Begin Here – Kennel Adoption Program, visit, or call 519-824-3091.

Chris and Melissa visiting the cage they adopted earlier this month.




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