GUELPH, ON (April 19, 2022) – The Guelph Humane Society (GHS) is asking for the public’s assistance in relation to a cat found in the west end of Guelph late Thursday.

A buff-coloured tabby was found in a cat carrier, in a ditch near Whitelaw and Fife by someone passing by. The ditch was full of water, and so the cat was soaked and freezing. This individual removed the carrier from the ditch and called GHS to report it.

This male, buff-coloured tabby was found abandoned in his carrier on Thursday, April 14 near Whitelaw and Fife in Guelph.

“The normal body temperature for a cat is around 38 or 39 degrees Celsius,” says Lisa Veit, Interim Executive Director at GHS. “This poor cat was hovering around 34 degrees when he came into our care. It was a cold and rainy night, and I have no doubt that he would have died that evening if someone hadn’t walked by and saw him.”

The cat, who is male, neutered, and believed to be around 2-5 years old, received immediate veterinary care and was found to be hypothermic and actively shivering. He was also found to have three broken teeth and abrasions all around his nose – presumably because he was struggling to get out of the carrier. GHS staff say the cat, who they are calling Kingo, was heavily saturated and became obsessed with trying to clean himself after getting out of the carrier.

“The cat was very distressed when he came into our care, as the situation was very traumatizing for him,” says Samantha Westphal, Animal Care Manager at GHS. “It’s been difficult for our team to consider what would have happened had he not been found and come into our care.”

GHS does not know if an owner abandoned the cat, or if someone else – such as a disgruntled neighbour – could be behind this horrendous act. Either way, the team at GHS is looking for answers.

“In order for an investigation by Provincial Animal Welfare Services to occur, we need more information,” adds Veit. “If someone knows this cat, if anyone saw anything, please call us or email us so that we can try to find some answers about why this happened.”

Veit also stresses that abandoning an animal should never happen.

Kingo is doing much better after a few days in the care of GHS. He is affectionate and very sweet.

“We had three other cases of animals being abandoned in Guelph this weekend, which we are actively gathering more information about,” Veit says. “This unfortunately happens all too often, and it’s unacceptable. If you can no longer care for an animal, please call us to arrange a surrender or other assistance. Companion animals should never be left to fend for themselves, trapped in a carrier no less.”

GHS also offers an Emergency Boarding program, providing individuals and families who have animals and are experiencing urgent, short term, emergency situations, temporary shelter for their animals while they make further arrangements.

If you have any information on Kingo, you can call GHS at 519-824-3091, or email

As for Kingo, he is doing very well after his ordeal. GHS staff say he is a “perfect boy,” and is very sweet and affectionate.

“He really is a very affectionate cat,” Veit says. “He’s here with us at the shelter, and we are enjoying getting to know him. We will make sure he finds his Happy Tail when he’s ready to find a home.”





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