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Supporter Spotlight

Madison Oakley


Ever wonder how we care for nearly 3000 animals each year? How our cats receive undivided attention each day? How our bunnies get to blink about outside of their enclosures? How our dogs get to enjoy a minimum of 5 outdoor adventures every day? How the abandoned baby squirrel is transferred to a wildlife rehabilitation center?

We have big goals and with a small number of staff, who also give their time outside of their regular work days, it's not nearly enough. It's the over 200+ Volunteers that Make It Possible!

Madison Oakley is one of those people.

Madison joined our Volunteer Team in 2015 as a University Student, wanting to give back to the community. Since her start, she has done so much for the staff and animals of the GHS and we can't thank her enough! Madison has spent time with many of our dogs and cats, she has even fostered for us but the one thing we can't thank her enough for, is her time as a Wildlife Rescue Driver.

It's gearing up to springtime and that means ‘kitten season’ and ‘wildlife season’! Soon the Guelph Humane Society will be taking in sick, injured or orphaned wildlife daily. Proven to be our busiest season, we’ll be sending out daily requests to have those animals transferred to wildlife rehabilitation centers across Ontario. Sometimes it's a fawn that needs to go to Pusclinch or sometimes it's a baby skunk needing to go to Jarvis and other times, it's a snapping turtle that needs to go to Peterborough.

Madison Oakley will be responding to some of those requests.

Although we say thank you daily to all our Volunteers, we would like to say a special thanks this time to Madison, for being there on so many occasions when we needed you the most!

You are amazing.

Thank you!