Guelph, ON (February 16, 2024) February is Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month, and to encourage more rabbit adoptions, the Guelph Humane Society (GHS) is launching a ‘Hoppy Tails’ Rabbit Adoption promotion. For the remainder of February, bunny adoption fees are reduced to just $75, from the regular adoption fee of $160.  All rabbits available are already spayed or neutered and come with up-to-date vaccines. 

In photo: The adoptable, Timothy, GHS’s longest resident who has been waiting for his hoppy tail for 286 days.

Over the past few years GHS and other humane societies across Canada have experienced a bunny crisis–with the number of lost and/or abandoned rabbits coming into care remaining high and the average length of stay being significantly longer than other types of pets.

“Adoption rates for rabbits decreased significantly (34%) over the past year,” says Lisa Veit, GHS Executive Director. “We have seen an overall trend of slower adoptions for all animals since 2022, but the slowdown is particularly difficult for rabbits since they aren’t traditionally as popular as dogs and cats when someone is looking to add a pet to their home.”

While rabbits are not as well-understood as other pets, they make wonderful companion animals.

“Pet rabbits are often underestimated,” says Veit. “They are intelligent, trainable, and thrive in social settings. They bond closely with their human companions, and their playful antics and loving personalities make them a delightful choice for those seeking a rewarding and heartwarming pet experience.”

GHS’s team has lots of information available for first-time rabbit adopters on what rabbit ownership involves and is happy to help potential adopters in determining if a rabbit is the right pet for their family.

“It is important for people considering adopting a rabbit to research their decision as domestic rabbits are a long-term commitment and they can live up to 10 years,” says Veit. “Like other pets, rabbits require a proper diet, regular veterinary checkups and lots of social interaction.”

To view the bunnies currently available for adoption visit GHS’s Available Animals page. Click on the different rabbit bios to read more about each of their personalities and select the “Adopt Me” once ready to submit an online adoption application.


In photo: Timothy, GHS’s longest resident who has been waiting for his ‘hoppy tail’ for 286 days.
Photo credit: Abigail Heckbert, Guelph Humane Society

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