GUELPH, ON (August 18, 2021) – The Guelph Humane Society (GHS) is excited to provide the animals in its care with soothing, calming music, thanks to a donation of 12 Nests from Google Canada.

“A recent study linked low pitch sounds with increased alertness in kenneled dogs, likely due to the association between low pitch sounds like growling and threat,” says Melissa Stolz, Intake and Behaviour Coordinator at GHS. “So music that contains a lower pitch might be more stressful for dogs and potentially other animals. We will want to limit lower pitch music.”

Stolz adds that not only is music calming and relaxing for animals, but it can drown out stressful or disruptive noises.

“Music can drown out barking for the cats and rabbits in our care,” Stolz says. “It can also minimize the disruption opening and closing doors might have on their sleep.”

Google Canada has provided GHS with 12 Google Nests that will allow staff to introduce an enriching sound therapy program for animals in their care.

In early March, GHS moved into its new 18,000 sq ft purpose-built facility at 190 Hanlon Creek Blvd. While the new community animal centre incorporates best practices in design, with environments that reduce stress and increase enrichment for the over 3,000 vulnerable animals receiving care at GHS every year, one thing was missing – music and sounds to support the pets’ overall well-being.

Google Nest technology gives the GHS Animal Care team the ability to deliver a music and sound therapy program easily and effectively. Google Canada is providing 12 Nests, one for each of the 12 distinct animal care areas in the building (i.e. cat adoption room, dog adoption rooms, small animal adoption rooms, farm animal room, etc.). This will allow GHS to tailor music to the needs of each species.

Variety is important to keep the animals from habituating to the same sounds every day, so creating a playlist with a mix of sounds – such as white noise one day, wave sounds the next, followed by a day of classical music and then jazz – is key to a successful sound therapy program. Google Nests make creating those playlists simple.

“Google is delighted to provide calming and nurturing music and sounds to animals waiting to be adopted through Google Nest,” says Alexandra Klein, Public Affairs & Communications with Google Canada.

Saturday, August 21st is International Homeless Animals Day. GHS has teamed up with Google Canada to demonstrate how music and sounds via Google Nests are improving the lives of homeless animals at the Guelph Humane Society as they await their Happy Tails. Check out this video.




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