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Duke's Fund

In the fall of 1995 Duke’s Fund was established to provide specialized veterinary care for the shelter animals in need.

The fund’s namesake, a 6-year-old pug, Duke, was surrendered to the shelter suffering from a chronic respiratory problem that made it difficult for him to breathe. In order to alleviate this condition and adopt him into a new home a costly surgical procedure was necessary. A group of dedicated staff and volunteers got together to raise funds for Duke, and Duke’s Fund was born!

Today, Duke’s Fund continues to give animals their own happy tail. The Guelph Humane Society cares for over 3000 animals per year and many, like Duke, have special needs that require costly medical treatment. With your generous donation to Duke’s Fund, we are able to provide extensive medical care for the animals who need it most.

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These animals have all benefited from Duke's Fund, while in our care. background

These animals have all benefited from Duke's Fund, while in our care.


BiBi, a Beagle/Lab mix was surrendered to the Guelph Humane Society when her previous owners of 14 years could no longer care for her needs. BiBi was in dire need of a dental due to severe dental disease. She had severe gingivitis, thick tartar, loose teeth and bacteria. BiBi also had several lumps ...Read Moreand bumps throughout her body. The first step was placing her on antibiotics and getting blood work done. The blood work showed that BiBi had significant kidney disease. After 3 weeks of vet checks and estimates for her dental (x-rays, extraction of many teeth plus scaling and polish), a second blood test showed her kidneys had improved due to her course of antibiotics and a high-quality diet for aging dogs with renal disease. Thanks to generous public donations to our Duke's Fund the Guelph Humane Society provided BiBi with two dental surgeries, a skin tag removal on her eye lid which was rubbing on her eyeball and another mass removal.


In February 2016, Abby, an 11 year-old Silky Terrier, came to the Humane Society as a surrender. Abby was easy to fall in love with as she would charm you with the many tricks she knew. She was super friendly and would follow you around when she decided that you were her new best friend! However, he...Read Morer smile could fool you, as she was in discomfort and required medical attention. Abby had been diagnosed with crystals in her urine a year prior and upon arrival. Abby was sent for an x-ray of her abdomen the day after arrival, which revealed that she had bladder stones, commonly associated with urinary tract infections. Abby underwent a "cystotomy" (removal of bladder stones). Shortly after Abby also required dental work with the removal of 11 teeth due to dental disease. Thanks to the generous generous public donations to our Duke's Fund we were able to provide the medical care needed for Abby!


Stevie was a stray brought in to the Guelph Humane Society by a community member. His eyes were infected and painful. After a thorough veterinary examination, surgery was determined to be the best course of action. Thanks to our generous donors to Duke’s Fund, Stevie was able to undergo his eye en...Read Moreucleation surgery. While the medical care he received couldn't save his sight, Stevie is no longer in pain, so he can now be his happy playful self!


Licorice came to the Guelph Humane Society when her owner could no longer care for her. She appeared to be having urination problems. After a thorough veterinary examination and ultrasound, it showed that Licorice had multiple bladder stones. Thanks to numerous Duke’s Fund donors, Licorice was able to undergo her cystotomy surgery to remove her bladder stones!


Nala came to the shelter in December as a stray. Being a bit older, Nala does have some teeth that needed the attention of a vet. Thanks to generous public donations to our Duke's Fund we are able to provide her with the dental care she needed!


I'm Maggie! I came to the shelter in November as a stray. When I came in I had a few painful looking teeth that needed attention. I also have EGC (eosinophilic granuloma complex) which can cause skin inflammation in response to fleas, mites or even airborne allergens. In other words, I have an overe...Read Morenthusiastic immune system! Thanks to generous public donations to the shelter's Duke's Fund they were able to provide me with the dental care I needed!


My name is Kai! I came to the Guelph Humane Society in December when my owner could no longer take care of me. I am 18 years young! When I arrived I had a lot of matted fur which I couldn't groom properly and it was making me uncomfortable, so I got this lovely new hair-do! When my fur grows back it...Read More will grow back long and luxurious! Being an older guy my teeth also need a bit of work but thanks to generous public donations to Duke's Fund I was able to get the dental care I need!


Say hello to sweet Theodore! This older boy came to the shelter in September as a stray. Theodore looked like he'd had a rough time; he had a wound on his tail that required care and he was missing a number of teeth, requiring him to undergo dental work. Thanks to generous public donations to our Duke's Fund he received all the care he needed and is much happier and healthier for it!

Chum's Story

Chums is a ten year old cat who came to the shelter in mid-October 2015 after a farm owner discovered him one morning in her barn. This handsome fellow was sweet as pie but had what appeared to be some old scarring to his right cornea. Our shelter veterinarian assessed his eye, and while it was an o...Read Morelder injury, it seemed to be causing him some pain because of the pressure the injury was causing behind his eye. It was also discovered that he needed some teeth extracted which would have been causing him significant pain when he ate. Despite these issues, Chums was always purring and loving up anyone that opened his cage door. When he finally had his eye surgery he was even more outgoing and affectionate! One week later he had his dental surgery and was ready to go to his new home. We were happy to have the resources to help this senior kitty have a very happy ever after!