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Emergency Boarding Program

About the Program background

About the Program

The Emergency Boarding Program supports individuals and families who have animals and are experiencing urgent, short term, emergency situations. These situations are unplanned, and require pet owners to find temporary shelter for their animals while they make further arrangements.  

GHS provides temporary emergency pet care & housing that supports families and individuals facing emergency or crisis situations. By helping pet owners in their time of need, our hope is to help support pet reunification and improve outcomes for families and their pets.  

How it Helps background

How it Helps

The Emergency Boarding Program aims to provide short-term support, related to pet care and housing, to families and individuals experiencing crisis. The program also invests in the unique, enriching, and essential relationship between families and individuals and their pets, aiming for reunification post crisis which further supports positive health outcomes. Pets and their owners share such a strong bond, and it is our goal to help protect those bonds.

Who is eligible for the program?

  • Resident of Wellington County  
  • Urgent, emergency, short term care  
  • Exhausted all other options (other care facilities, family, friends, etc.)  
  • Examples of emergency situations: hospitalization, death in the family, eviction/rehousing, environmental emergency such as fire, arrest 

How long can pets stay in emergency boarding?

Individuals are offered temporary housing (typically 72 hours) for their animals, providing them with food and shelter while the owner makes further arrangements.  

Once my pet is in emergency boarding, what would the next steps be?

  1. Make sure your contact information is correct
  2. Explore options available for your pet
  3. Within 72hrs, contact GHS to work on a plan for your pet 
  4. Once arrangements have been made, contact GHS to set up next steps for you and your pet 

Do pets need to be up-to-date with their vaccines?

No. If required, GHS can provide preventative medical care (vaccinations/deworming treatments) during their stay when necessary. 

If You Need Support

Facing a difficult situation? Worried about your pet? Contact the Guelph Humane Society. Our Emergency Boarding Program is here to help.  

Call GHS or email info@guelphhumane.ca.

Other ways to get support/additional resources   

  • Boarding facilities 
  • Vet clinics that provide boarding services 
  • Alternative housing (i.e. pet friendly hotels)  
  • Other partners for additional resources: 
    • Guelph Police/Fire/EMS 
    • Local shelters  
    • Hospitals such as Guelph General Hospital, walk-in clinics, etc.  
    • Canadian Mental Health Association (Waterloo Wellington) 

Ways to Help

While families and individuals are given the opportunity to contribute financial support when they can towards their pets care (especially in the case of additional care needed), they are frequently unable to. This additional need is funded by GHS through generous grants, and the support of our amazing community. 

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