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Pet of the Week

Adopt Kit Kat & Reese

Meet Kit Kat & Reese!

These two rabbits were born in GHS’ care last year, and it’s been amazing seeing them grow up and their personalities show. Kit Kat & Reese are currently living in a foster family, and have been loving their time together. They’re very curious and will climb onto their Foster Mom when she sits beside them – no physical distancing there! Kit Kat & Reese like having out of pen time, and do lots of binkies to show how happy there are. (Binkies are when rabbits jump & twist, usually to show they’re very happy and comfortable). Another way to get a rabbit to binkie is a delicious treat – for Kit Kat & Reese, they LOVE their dandelions.

The best part yet? Their Foster Mom is teaching them how to give paw & high five!

Did You Know: We spay/neuter all our rabbits!

Thank you for getting to know Kit Kat & Reese!

All adoptions will be suspended until further notice. As the situation changes, GHS will continue to assess and re-asses our plans. In the meantime, if you see an animal you are interested in on our website, please email us at adoptions@guelphhumane.ca. Please note that Kit Kat & Reese are currently staying with a very loving foster family.

Your donations count more than ever to help animals like Kit Kat & Reese