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Pet of the Week

Black cat

Adopt Manny

Hi, my name is Manny! I have been waiting for my happy tail for more than 129 days.

I'm a handsome senior looking for a relaxing retirement home! I lived with four other cats in a very quiet senior home before. I would do best in a home without too much commotion; a mature home or a home with older and respectful children would be most suitable. I could live with respectful cats and potentially a friendly dog.

I have a big meow to let you know I'm looking for some love and attention! I do get chatty when I see people and want them to come say hello to me. I enjoy getting some good head and neck scratches!

I have hyperthyroidism and am on a medication for it that will need to be continued long-term. I also have FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus), which doesn't affect me in any obvious way it just means if I get sick, I will take a bit more recovery time than the average kitty.

I do still have a shy side and may hide when I am first introduced to my new home. But with some patience and gentle affection, I will come around and show you my wonderful outgoing side!
If you're interested in adopting any of my other cat friends that I lived with before, their names are: Phil, who is still available too —Cam, Gloria and Don have already been adopted.

Adopt Manny.