Juniper, a tiny kitten in dire need, found hope at the Guelph Humane Society (GHS). Her journey, and fight for survival from Feline Panleukopenia, highlights the urgent need for awareness and support in caring for vulnerable felines. 

With a mortality rate as high as 90%, the danger Feline Panleukopenia poses to kittens and other cats cannot be underestimated. 

Juniper in recovery.

“Timing is everything when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of this devastating disease,” says Sam Westphal, GHS Animal Care Manager. “The risks involved in treating infected kittens are significant, with specialized care and substantial financial resources required. Early intervention can save lives and prevent its spread.” 

Feline Panleukopenia, often referred to as “feline distemper,” is a highly contagious and potentially fatal viral disease. It primarily affects young kittens, compromising their immune systems and leaving them susceptible to secondary infections. The symptoms range from fever, severe diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration to loss of appetite and anemia, with vaccination as the best prevention available to protect cats.  

Juniper is just one of hundreds of cats and kittens that will arrive at GHS’s door this spring and summer in need desperate of life-saving veterinary care, her battle against Feline Panleukopenia is not just a fight for her own life but also a call from GHS to the Guelph and Wellington County community. The cost of her veterinary care to date has exceeded $2000, a staggering amount that would not have been possible without the generosity GHS donors.

Juniper in her foster home.

“GHS serves as a beacon of hope for countless vulnerable animals that would otherwise go untreated,” says Lisa Veit, GHS Executive Director. “Our supporters enable us to go above and beyond, ensuring that animals, like Juniper, receive the live-changing care they desperately need when they need it the most.” 

GHS’s Generous Giving Circle donors pledged to match donations up to $3,500, amplifying the positive change that can be achieved for cat and kitten health and welfare. Thanks to our donors and the community response over $8,500 was raised. 

“By making a donation, you become a lifeline for innocent kittens in need,” says Veit. “With your support, we can continue to provide vital care, shelter, and support to more animals like Juniper.” 

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