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(Bad) Pet Portraits

About (Bad) Pet Portraits background

About (Bad) Pet Portraits

This fundraiser is now closed to new orders. Thanks to everyone who supported this fun event!

(Bad) Pet Portraits is a brand new GHS fundraising event! Between August 4th and August 27th you can have your pet drawn by a member of our Board of Directors. Are they professional artists? Nope. But that’s what makes it so fun! Submit a photo of your pet online, and get a digital copy of a hand-drawn portrait emailed back to you – so you can share the unique piece of art with family and friends online! Plus…100% of the proceeds go directly towards the animals in our care.

Example of a finished product – Rooster the cat!

Purchase a Pet Portrait – CLOSED
Frequently Asked Questions background

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a portrait cost?

It is $20 to have one pet portrait done.

If the image you submit has two animals to be drawn, it is an additional $5 ($25).

If the image you submit has three animals to be drawn, it is an additional $10 ($30).

There is a maximum of three animals per submitted photo.

How many pets can be in my portrait?

While one pet per photo is encouraged, you can submit a photo with up to three animals in it to be drawn.

You cannot submit multiple photos of different pets and have them added to one drawing. We recommend you submit each animal separately for their own pet portrait in that case.

Do I receive a tax receipt for purchasing a portrait?

Tax receipts will not be given for the purchase of pet portraits, since you are technically making a purchase. However, you can choose to make a an additional gift of a donation on top of your purchase. Tax receipts for donations of $20 or more will be sent within 14 business days.

Where do I upload my pet photo?

CLICK HERE to purchase your portrait. Once the purchase has been made, you will receive an email with a link to upload your photo!

How long will it take to get my pet portrait sent to me?

A digital copy of your pet portrait will be emailed to you within three (3) weeks of your submission. Please allow up to three weeks, because true art takes time to create!

Help! I have questions about this fundraiser!

If you’re having a hard time figuring out how to take part in our (Bad) Pet Portraits fundraiser, please email give@guelphhumane.ca so that our team can help you!

Meet the Artists background

Meet the Artists

Name: Alex Ciccone – Director

Art grade: B-

Describe your art skills: I’m a mediocre artist cursed with a passion for drawing. But don’t worry, I’ve been practicing on my cat!


Name: David DiMatteo – Director

Art grade: Is there a grade below F?

Describe your art skills: As a child I would never colour within the lines and still haven’t figured out how to.


Name: Troy Ford – Director, Secretary

Art grade: D (I haven’t done much drawing, but who knows….I might surprise myself.)

Describe your art skills: I always put forward my best efforts and try hard!



Name: Jim Kearns – Director

Art grade: C

Describe your art skills: I actually used to draw quite a bit when I was younger, but haven’t done anything in decades. I’ve been told by real artists that my skills are too “structured and linear”!!!! I’ve long been accused of being left-brain dominant!



Name: Lena Levison – Director

Art grade: F for skill; A+ for enthusiasm

Describe your art skills: Poor, however possibly improved through the use of glitter (I apologize in advance!)


Name: Katie MacDonald – Director

Art grade: D

Describe your art skills: It will definitely be unique!



Name: Meaghan Middleton – Director

Art grade: Do we have an option for Z-? If not, F- will do

Describe your art skills: Stick figures feel complicated…



Name: Earla Smith – Director

Art grade: C-

Describe your art skills: Skill level – medium…but love to craft fun doodles!



Name: Peter Tesche – Director, Treasurer

Art grade: My work speaks for itself…

Describe your art skills: I tried painting my cats but they didn’t like it much.



Name: Gael van Veen – Director

Art grade: B+

Describe your art skills: I’d give my artist flare a B+ and my drawing skills….hmmm…probably the same!!