GUELPH, ON (June 20, 2024). The Guelph Humane Society (GHS) has announced that Cleo, the resilient dog found in deplorable condition, will be adopted by her foster home. 

Cleo and her foster parent/adopter, Lindsay.
Cleo and her foster parent/adopter, Lindsay.

Cleo’s journey began when she was rescued from a holding tank of an outhouse, suffering from severe physical and emotional trauma. Cleo has made remarkable strides towards recovery under the dedicated care of her foster parent, who is trained as a registered veterinary technician and currently employed as an animal care attendant at GHS. The bond between Cleo and her foster parents has been instrumental in her progress, providing stability and a nurturing environment that has been vital to her ongoing well-being. 

“After considering Cleo’s unique needs, we believe that being adopted by her foster family with whom she has started to build trust, feel secure and thrive, is the best path forward in her journey,” says Lisa Veit, Executive Director, GHS. “After undergoing such a horrific ordeal, we are hopeful that the community will share our excitement for Cleo and understand our decision to not post her for adoption as we typically would for animals in care.” 

 Support from the community has enabled GHS to provide the necessary resources for Cleo’s recovery and rehabilitation. 

“We are deeply grateful for the outpouring of love, words of encouragement and donations that have arrived in response to Cleo’s story from across Canada,” adds Veit. “The circumstances under which Cleo came into our care has truly touched so many, and to see her now doing so well and experiencing so much love and affection with her foster family is incredibly heartwarming.” 

Video on how Cleo is doing can be view here.

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