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Volunteer Application Process

Steps to Become a Guelph Humane Society Volunteer background

Steps to Become a Guelph Humane Society Volunteer

Individual Volunteer Requirement

  • To volunteer with the animals, you must be able to volunteer a minimum two hour shift per week for at least six months. If you are unable to meet that time commitment please consider volunteering in another capacity other than with the animals, for example events
  • Volunteers must be at least 16 years of age to work alone. There are some limitations regarding Volunteers working alone under the age of 18yrs.
  • Attend all training sessions.
  • The minimum age to volunteer is 16 years of age and they must commit to the time requirement of the position being applying for.

Under 16 years of age? Learn about our Humane Education Program


Group Volunteer Requirements

  • We have a limited (however VERY important!) number of group volunteer opportunities that we need help with here at GHS.
  • Must be 16 and older
  • Maximum of 10 volunteers
  • Groups will be asked to help with tasks around the shelter that could include: helping our Animal Care team with the never-ending laundry & dishes, organizing, cleaning, painting, gardening, etc…

Groups will be limited on tasks with direct interaction with the animals given the safe animal handling training required for all staff and volunteers who work directly with the animals.

If your group is interested in a Group Volunteer Day here at the shelter, please contact volunteer@guelphhumane.ca

When we need extra helping hands here at Guelph Humane Society, we will post a volunteer position description here on our website. At the moment, we are currently looking for support with the following volunteer role(s):

  • Canine Cleanliness Crew
  • Cleanliness Cat Crew
  • Companion Animal Chauffeur
  • Wildlife Rescue Drivers
  • Event Committee Volunteers
  • Building and Maintenance

Do you have a special skillset that you feel would benefit the GHS that you would like to share?

Apply today here:

I want to apply for a Volunteer Role!