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Community Visits

community visitsWe believe that the first step to achieving this goal is through education. Through our Community Visit programs, we can bring an animal to your location or you can come to our shelter for an educational tour!

Our Community Visit Programs allow us to share information about the shelter and the community services we provide. These presentations can be tailored to any age level and they typically involve a visit from a Humane Society staff member and one of our education animals!

Multiple organizations can benefit from our program including; daycares, retirement homes and children’s clubs such as Girl Guide and Boy Scout Units. Programs can be booked for during the day or evening! We are pleased to provide these visits free of charge, however donations to the Guelph Humane Society are greatly appreciated! Check out our wish list to learn more about how you can help the GHS!

For more information and booking, contact the Guelph Humane Society at info@guelphhumane.ca or call 519-824-3091.