Meet Monty!

This beautiful beagle is looking for his new family!

Monty is a bouncy boy with lots of energy! Monty enjoys following his nose and discovering the new smells that the world has to offer. This guy also loves to show off his lovely singing voice, especially when he’s sharing a new smell!  Monty is a “kept on a leash” kind of boy – he just can’t help himself, and we don’t want his nose to get him into any trouble!

Monty has previously lived in a home with children and another dog. With his bouncy personality, he can sometimes also jump up and doesn’t always like to be held still, so a family who could help him learn some manners would be helpful (he likes to be on the move!).  

Monty loves to spend time around people, especially when he can combine it with his excitement of exploring outside. Look at that smiling face – it’s impossible not to fall in love with it!

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