At a humane society not far, far away, meet the little wannabe ewok, Kiba!

This sweet softy is ready for his new loving home! Kiba is a happy boy who always seems to have a happy attitude. He loves to go on walks and explore this exciting galaxy, and is looking for his new adventure.

While this cute little bear loves the occasional attention, Kiba would be happiest with a family that understands he doesn’t always want to be touched or with older children who can respect his need for space.

Kiba has lived with both dogs and cats before, we recommend a slow introduction and supervising any interactions with new pets to make sure everyone gets along! He will need to be gently socialized a little more with people, as he can get sometimes get uncomfortable with male stranger danger.

Kiba is such an out-of-this-world gentleman who can’t wait to share his companionship with you!

Come to 500 Wellington St.W. to meet Kiba or contact us at 519-824-3091 for more information. You can also visit him and other adorable profiles online at!

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