Meet Kaykay!

Kaykay is a playful & sassy girl who loves her toys! Properly introduced, she could do well with another cat, an easy-going dog or older children. She is currently living with a loving foster family, and here is what her Foster Mom had to say:

“Here are my top 10 cute things about her:

  1. She sleeps in between her Foster Dad’s legs every night
  2. When she wants to smell whatever you are eating, or if she isn’t getting enough pets, she will paw at your arm gently
  3. She likes to drink from the fish tank
  4. She recently discovered that the laser pointer is AMAZING.
  5. As soon as her Foster Dad gets home in the evening, she knows it is wet food time and chirps and mews to let us know it is time
  6. Sometimes she’ll just knead at a fuzzy blanket on the couch for 20 minutes at a time and it’s adorable!
  7. She likes to watch the pet snake when its moving around the cage
  8. As soon as our alarms go off in the morning, she will start headbutting our shoulders for pets
  9. She recently started napping on the top of my suitcase in our room
  10. She loves nip – she even has a dedicated cat nip spot in front of the cat tree and will lie there and politely wait for us to put sprinkles of nip in front of her in the evenings, then roll around after eating it.”

Kaykay is currently in a loving foster home! Interested in meeting her and learning more? Contact the Guelph Humane Society at 519-824-3091, or you can visit Kaykay’s and other adorable animal profiles online at!