Meet Cara & Reese!

These sweet sisters are ready for a new adventure together!

Cara & Reese are very sweet pups who enjoy laying their heads on your lap and are always ready for pets and treats.

There is so much sisterly love between this two, they can often be found cuddling on the same bed or watching out a window together.

Cara & Reese are learning that new friends aren’t so scary, and are looking for a family that can help them see the perks in new friends – like more treats & pets!

They like to chat & sing together, and are always looking forward to their walks – these girls love to be active!

Cara & Reese have lived with other dogs before, and could do well with a dog-savvy cat. They have also lived with patient school-aged children.

Come to 500 Wellington St.W. to meet CARA & REESE or contact us at 519-824-3091 for more information. You can also visit theirs and other adorable profiles online at!

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