Say hello to Armin!

This brave boy came in as a stray with a face wound from an animal attack. Now he’s on the mend and a much happier cat! Armin is a low key guy who can’t wait to get to know you to let his outgoing personality show!

Armin tested FIV positive, which is passed from cat to cat typically through fights (from things like deep puncture wounds and saliva-blood contact). He will still live a happy life like other cats, he just needs his new family to keep him safe and loved indoors! Please ask our staff or your veterinarian on more information on FIV.

Don’t let his ruggedly handsome looks deceive you – Armin is a big softy who loves attention and will purr happily to show it!

Come to 500 Wellington St.W. to meet Armin or contact us at 519-824-3091 for more information. You can also visit his and other adorable profiles online at!

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