GUELPH, ON (February 20, 2020) – The Guelph Humane Society is grateful for a special donation from ROYAL CANIN® of adult wet and dry food including special veterinary diet food for all of the male cats that are in their care. This donation will support the 105 cats that were surrendered at the end of January.

The 105 cats came into the care of GHS after the owner surrendered them on January 22. The cats were immediately given wellness checks, which included vaccinations, parasite control, and microchipping. All cats have now been spayed/neutered and some cats have been placed up for adoption, and a few have already been adopted. The few cats requiring extra medical care are still being monitored. As preventative care, the male cats, from this surrendered group, were placed on a special urinary and calm food. This is because in times of stress, male cats can develop life-threatening urinary blockages. One of these cats that had a life-threatening blockage was Jack.

When Jack, one of the 105 cats, arrived at GHS, he was given a wellness check and preventative medical care. Jack then went into a foster home to receive some much-needed time to recover. However, shortly after getting settled in, his loving foster parent realized poor Jack was straining to urinate. Upon being examined by our animal care team, Jack was immediately rushed to the emergency vet. His life was in danger and he must have been in so much pain. Jack was completely blocked; this was why he couldn’t urinate. He required IV fluids, radiographs, medication, and emergency surgery to save his life. Jack is no longer in pain and is in recovery. Because of ROYAL CANIN’s generous food donation, we can prevent other cats from the large surrender from developing a blockage like Jack’s.

“It is thanks to wonderful community partners and donors, just like ROYAL CANIN®, that we were able to help these 105 surrendered cats,” says Adrienne McBride, Executive Director of the Guelph Humane Society. “A huge thank you to ROYAL CANIN® for providing this extra support that these cats so desperately needed.”

“With a clear purpose focused on making a better world for pets, it’s no wonder that all of us here at ROYAL CANIN® share so many of the same values with our partners at the GHS” said Don Macintosh, PRO Pillar Director at ROYAL CANIN® Canada. “We’re grateful to be in a position to assist in times like these, and contribute, in some small way, to the great work being done every day at the Guelph Humane Society.”

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