GUELPH, ON (December 6, 2017) – The Guelph Humane Society (GHS) is seeking information from the public after two gerbils were discovered in a temporary dumpster at 186 Fife Road in Guelph on Monday, November 27th, and brought to the shelter on Friday, December 1st.

The two female gerbils were found in separate cages, and appeared to have been tossed into the dumpster. Both are in good condition, despite having been exposed to cold temperatures for an unknown length of time. The temperature on November 27th was 1 degree Celsius and an ideal temperate for a gerbil is 22 degrees or warmer. The gerbils, named Nessa and Nienna, are now available for adoption at GHS.

“We are looking for the public’s assistance to help find the person or people who did this,” says Megan Swan, Ontario SPCA Agent. “We need to understand how and why the gerbils ended up in the dumpster.” If you have any information that could assist in this investigation, please call the Guelph Humane Society at 519-824-3091 or 310-SPCA (7722) immediately.

The Guelph Humane Society wants to remind the community that if you or someone you know is unable to care for an animal, please call GHS at 519-824-3091 or email The humane society is here to help individuals or families that can no longer care for their pets for any reason.


Guelph Humane Society:

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PHOTO: one of the gerbils now in GHS’ care



Media Contact:

Megan Swan, Ontario SPCA Agent

Guelph Humane Society