GUELPH, ON (Monday, March 27, 2016) – The Guelph Humane Society is reuniting ‘BooBoo’, the female brown tabby cat, with her family after being lost for four (4) years. The twist – BooBoo originally went missing in Watsonville, California in 2013.

BooBoo was found as a stray in Morriston, ON (Puslinch Township) and brought to the GHS on March 17. On arrival, as with all animals, BooBoo was scanned for a microchip. Her microchip information led us to find her owners in Watsonville, California, through the Santa Cruz Animal Shelter. The family had filed a lost report in 2013, when BooBoo went missing from their home.

A GHS Animal Protection Officer will be driving BooBoo to Buffalo on Friday morning, to reunite her with her family, who is flying in from Watsonville, California to meet BooBoo at the border.

“No one can believe it when we tell them. If only BooBoo could tell us about her adventure,” said Adrienne McBride, Executive Director of the Guelph Humane Society. “BooBoo should be the poster-cat for how important it is to microchip your pet, keep your contact information on record up-to-date, and file a lost report when a pet goes missing.”

The Guelph Humane Society wants to remind the community that when you find a pet, not to assume that no one is searching for them. It is important to contact your local humane society for assistance, in order to ensure the best opportunity for lost pets to be reunited with their owner. It is also important for pet owners that have lost their pet to file a lost report with their local humane society.

A microchip is a small chip, about the size of a grain of rice, that is implanted under the pet’s skin as permanent identification. When it is scanned with a specific type of scanner (using radio frequency identification technology), it will bring up a unique number that is matched in a database to an owner’s contact information. Having a microchip greatly increases the likelihood of the animal being reunited with their owner, in the event it goes missing. All animal adopted from the Guelph Humane Society are microchipped.

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Media Contacts:

Adrienne McBride, Executive Director ( 519-824-3091

Melissa Stolz, Animal Program Coordinator ( (coordinating BooBoo’s return home) 519-824-3091

Ashley Aleman, BooBoo’s Owner ( 831-737-8285